Saturday, March 17, 2007

I think one of the things Etsy has been wonderful for is allowing sellers and buyers to meet on a common platform, sometimes quite by coincidence, for instance, yesterday I met a seller and we chatted for a while, and I felt I understood where she was coming from, even though we were continents apart :D I have a soft spot for London and Londoners.

Of course, there have been instances where you meet nasty sellers, who don't see the sense of their own logic, but the pleasant occasions amount to much more than these trivial incidences. It is so easy to be kind, so people have no reason to turn unkind. As a seller, we have been thankful for the lovely buyers who convo us, even if they don't end up purchasing anything, because that means they actually took the time to stop, have a look and consider purchasing the items.

That is itself, worth its weight in gold, So we appreciate the gesture all the same :D