Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Military Madeline Necklace

Military brooches often utilise multiple overlapping chains hanging from one length, to create the illusion of height and beauty. Here, we were inspired by the vintage German brooches from the post war period - but we wanted it to be feminine and beautiful to wear, able to translate into a necklace. Hence, Madeline the Military Necklace of our Ebony Black Series 2007 was born.

Madeline is made up of multiple black chains strung together, with a very special bronze-gold filigree ball, in which a green luminous bead is trapped inside the filigree ball and moves inside the ball when you shake the filigree ball. On the right, we hung a gold filigree capped white fabric tassel, feminine and exquisite and toning down the black tones of the necklace. Finally, the dramatic centerpiece is our homage to the military styles popular these days on the fashion catwalks.

An eyecatching piece, if there ever was.

One Limited Edition piece only.

*This necklace comes with a presentation box and a complimentary Japanese hand embroidered small clutch.

Retails at $55.

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