Thursday, May 17, 2007

Momoko, Japanese Gold Fan Necklace

Our maiden creation of the Japanese Series, this is Momoko, named after Mel's close friend who has moved back to Tokyo, Japan after spending her childhood in various parts of the world.

Part of our Japanese Kimono Series, where we pay homage to all things beautifully Japanese and the richness of the culture and heritage- this is Momoko, named after a close Japanese friend of one of the designers.

Momoko is made up of a pair of exquisite Japanese transcription beads hung on a 24" black chain, printed with kimono patterns on each porcelain bead. The print is luscious, if you click on a photo and zoom in, you can see how beautiful the print is. We then paired the delicate beads with a beautiful lusciously spreading rich gold fan with oriental flowers intricately cut out inside the fan. A single gold tassel hands from the base of the fan, adding to the whimisical quality and beauty of this quiet charmer.

One piece only.

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