Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Venetian Gondolier

In Venice, where the paved cobbled walkways and the canals sparkle, a solitary Gondolier rolls the gondola past the afternoon sunlight. The beauty of the gondola moving on waters, like hats on water, against the romantic landscape of the Venetian landscape. Did you know that Venetian tradition dictates that couples must kiss under every bridge for Eternal Love? Such is the romanticism of this favorite city of one of the designers.

We designed this tribute to the city called Venezia, the Venetian Gondolier because if you look closely, you can see the form and shape of a gondola. Can you spot it? On a 24" black chain, 2 solid gold letters 'V's, in the classic Baroque Victorian tradition are hung, the smaller V attached to a beautiful quaint black chain tassel. Further along , two delicate freshwater pearls and a larger disco ball like white bead, so termed because of the multi faceted cutting into the bead sparkle in the sunlight. In the center of the chain, we hung a thicker black-silver chain to complete the look.

One Limited Edition Piece only, due to rarity of the letters 'V'.

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